Our mission isn’t just about kids playing sports.    We're delivering a powerful way to transform  communities and youth away from violence. 


Our Story

We're a father & daughter duo on a mission to change the world!

As a soccer player of 10 years and a father and coach, we believe that playing soccer as a child can lead to extraordinary things. We also believe this is especially true in parts of the world where sports can keep children out of gangs and danger. Instead of going down troublesome paths, young children who participate in sports learn what it's like to belong to a team and get the chance to hone valuable life skills. This is why we created BALLS 4 A CAUSE - to bring children out of the darkness and into the light with the simple power of a soccer ball. Through our organization, we're delivering soccer balls to children all around the world so they can experience the benefits of soccer and sport just as our family did! 

Thank you for your support, 

Doug & Hannah :)

Our Mission

To develop confidence, grow family bonds, and build communities by providing children

the opportunity to play sports. We do this through our love and passion of soccer and with a strong hope and desire to help children grow and succeed.

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What we NEED

We need YOUR help! Monetary donations, soccer ball donations, volunteer hours, and so much more is needed to make our mission possible. 

We Need Your Support!